Monday, October 11, 2010

Lecturer Part One

Tak kisah la umur kira berapa, hidup ini satu perjuangan. Kita akan sentiasa menimba ilmu dari semasa ke semasa. Tapi dalam menimba ilmu, ada lah juga saat-saat indah walau pun aku tahu 80% dalam kelas akan menguap. Alah toksah tipu la weh.

Lecturer Math

Aite, he's a new guy in town. First impression aku, he's nice. Second, he's a true devil. Third, he's actually nice. Dia ni memang aku tabik spring betul lah. Very very punctual. And I mean it when i said very twice. Kalau dia cakap nak buat 5 soalan je dalam tuto, maka 5 soalan tu jelah, walau pun ada baki lagi setengah jam. Dah lar taknak wat extra question, bukan nak kasi kitorang belah awl. And after kelas, dia sendiri akan tutup lampu, kipas, aircond walau pun ada antara kitorang duk tengah menyalin lagi. Bengang gak lah tgh nak baca notes, die g tutup lampu. Oh, and he's the first person to get out from the class when it's finished. He's not that very funny prof but he did some of his jokes unawarely.

Scene 1

Dia terlupa marker. So he ask one of my friend to go to his office and fetch 'em. Pastu kawan aku ni pun masuklah kelas kembali dengan muka tak bersalah. He took the marker and immediately said to my friend 'Hurry up, do your work right now" and not realising he was blocking my friend's path to his table.

Scene 2

End of class. My friend was just finishing answering on the white board. And when he did, the prof said loudly, "You, please don't steal my marker, thank you". Okay, so maybe it was my friends fault not realising he still got the marker in his hand, but really... stealing a marker...

Scene 3

We entered a new class because some 'thing'. Anyway, there was one new whiteboard which is still covered in plastic. So he asked me to open it up and move the whiteboard up front. And it was my friend's turn to answer on the whiteboard. As soon as my friend started to write on the whiteboard, the prof said "Wait. Since this is a new whiteboard, you must use a new marker, well to make sure everything goes well". And he did gave a new marker, covered in plastic to my friend. And he asked again, "So it's comfortable?". Seriously.....

Scene 4

It was lecture time. Some of us were kinda late. I was late too but it was like 3 minutes late? Duh. Then after exactly 8 minutes, a few students entered the lecture hall. He raised his head, and said to the newly-entered student, "You know, I can tolerate 5 minutes late, but 8 minutes late? It's VERY late". Yea sir, VERY late indeed.

Scene 5

In my group, there's another student which is kinda tall, wears a specs, thin so-so, and which kinda resembles me. Seriously, one of the prof asked us whether we're twins. Yea twins, but different mother and father I guess... Anyway, the prof always err well most of the times, mistaken between us. There was one time where he called me by my friend's name and I was kinda blur and all the others students laughed. He rarely call me to come up front ever since! 

Scene 6

He didnt teach us only maths but also french. He taught us about fonction (function in english) being a feminine word, and when to use plurial, not to forget the true meaning between OR or AND and stuffs. He even kindly gave us zero in assignment just because our grammars sucks. Our french teachers must have been proud of us since we are better now thanks to him.

Scene 7

When you argue with him, don't expect to win. So far after an exam, just ONE student who AWESOMELY make him to take his red pen from his pencil case. Others simply fail to do that. In the end, he didnt gave any marks but simply noting more of the grammars errors.

Scene 8

He gave quite an easy exam but kinda risk taking. A yes-or-no type of answer. Simple aint it? However... If you answer one correctly, you get one mark. If you answer wrong, you lose one mark and there's no penalty in not answering. He sure knows how to add up the word 'very doubtful in the answer' in our dictionary. So then, why don't we sit next to an A student and copy all the answer? Simply you can't, he gave the same exact questions but in a 5 different orders. He greatly reduced the probabilty of succeeding in copying.

Well, that's all for now. Sorry if I used bahasa and english and then english all the way down. Wait till next post about another profesor :)

Oh, I didn't mean like insulting my prof, it's just I want to share some of his/her unique characters. Really!


  1. scene no 3 paling xleyh blah hahaha

  2. time die ckp tu, muke tak bersalah lgsg -.-